Never Alone - A True Story

Modelling and Computation of Turbulent Flows has been written by one of the most prolific authors in the field of CFD. Professor of aerodynamics at SUPAERO .

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If the love is true, surely it will come back. Don't try to fill your mind with negative thoughts. I know its very easy to tell this. But just try to think of other peoples, suffering. Orphan children, Peoples suffering from deadly diseases, peoples who are not getting food at least one time in a day. Children who lost their entire family due to war or terror When you think all these your lost love was nothing compare to all these. You an do a lot of things for this world. You are not alone. I met a woman in a train she was looking young but was married and had a daughter child.

At first she wore a pallu on her face. But when the train started leaving, she remover her pallu and one could see her face now! I liked her the way she looked, fair, thin, young! She had a daughter may 2 years old! I thought it's wrong to see a married woman with love! I ignored but later I saw her again and this time she looked at me and I had an neat pure eye contact with her I looked straight at her eyes without looking somewhere.

Later on same things continued! I felt deeply an attraction or love towards her thinking that this is wrong! Next day I got off and she too became sad that I was going to drop off!

I miss her a lot from my bottom of the heart and I pray for married life! Does she miss me? All of this was 4 days ago! I really wanted to see her but she is married and I worry about her! Can anyone help me with some motivation? I lov my jaan alot She is my only hope Be Positive have Positive emotions , All the best Friends Be happy Brothers and Sisters we have to be always in a place of giving not taking be Happy I wish all u r sorrow ends and Be happy from this moment u all will be happy rit i know u all will be Happy: Hi frands I love one boy but he chested me.

Iam in relationship from 5 years nd in me and between my partner fighting is creating on small reasons nd he say plzzz leave me. He say daily plzzz leave me so i am not do any txt or call from that day but iam not forget him. Today iam loved him so much Now she is ready to leave me but she is msgin me she is telling dat I shld talk to her like a friend even if she get married! My heart is broken I cried a a lot for my mom not for my love bcs she is my mom she may have any thing but I love a lot! Shall I talk to my gf or no? Because after my marriage I dnt have hopes dat she wil look after my mom as m son i shld look after my mom in da future..

Before marriage only my gf is telling about my mom so I lost hopes on her dat she wil look at my mom Pls answer me shall I continue wid her or i shld forget my gf nd go to arranged marry who wil care my mom. Love is true but people are not true in love they are totally different fall in love and after enjoyment.

Before they consider only that girl after dating and meeting etc. I am in love with a grl for last two months but all of sudden she is avoiding me from a week fearing of others but i am suffering from her.

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Have everything like food , sleep , and Daily activities on time then in 24 hours u will be allocated minimum 4 hours , Practice Yoga in that If u concentrate u will get new energy and u r time will be well utilized in youtube Download something you like to see , and buy any new technical devise or any thing new and learn it. So many things are there in this world which you don't know learn those.

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  5. In this billions of people are there how their days are going each and every one only concentrating on Love NO right , so friends Love is only part of life apart from that so many things are there in this world concentrate on which you most like search in google what you like most and Practice those.

    All the best Friends Don't waste your time on the feeling which is in every one make your self as unique Take care friends: I had a realtionship of 2years and he left me one day After a longa time about 3 montgs ago i met a guy and we fell in love and i trust him and loves me very much bt for the past ten days he was avoiding me and i found him a relationship with another girl So i stopped contacting him I m tottaly depressed and hav no sleep, no foood And hav no close frds to share I am suffering a lot How can i get over this?

    Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico: Pink Salt Lakes, El Faro, and Playa Sucia

    Have anybody seen your ex with their new partner.. If so, what was your feeling at that time? And how did you overcome it? Friends I am just out of my feelings nd started a new life to achieve my goal. I definitely crack my goal within one year. I am just out the cage. So much struggled to get heal.

    Starting new life after 2 years. Friends, don't get depressed. Take life as a challenge, all of u r struggling to forgive your past.

    Don't do any wrong towards ur ex to show ur pain. If u show ur anger on them it steal your energy. Just be calm nd spend ur life like a saint. Therby after sometime u definitely heal urself.

    Meanwhile u set a goal nd start working on it. Always dream ur goal, strive to achieve it.

    U will have a fantastic feelng after u achieve something. Put ur efforts on things that u can control friends. Dear friends, if we need to forget a person whom we loved a lot, first of all u need to forgive him or her All are human beings mistakes will happen Delete all memories of particular person even mail id, phone number Block the person from social medias like facebook etc Spend more time with your family and friends Don't go to the places which you have spend with your ex partner..

    Don't make him or her jealous with any other person And we can't change the past Indu Sorry I am not Logged in for long that's why i have not answered: Once I loved a girl House owner daughter and she is also loved me but she got married with another person now she is in my next house, she didn't having any feeling about me. She is living very very happily with her husband.

    Now I am not talking with her but I don't no how to forget her I always trying to forget her but her face is coming in front of me My heart is squeezing every day. I have no another option to vacate the house. So friends please give your suggestion how to get out from my past life. I love a guy.. Earlier before my commitment n expression of d feeling he used to say many things N blindly I followed him Guys he z so busy in these relations dat he left me I understand every relation z important n unique in its own way but u know he compromised me always in all this I don't demand time,care,affection,love ,money from me..

    The left side features a shepherd's staff crossed with a yarnwinder in a purple field. An eight-pointed star sits above them representing the Virgin. The right side of the coat of arms is divided in three fields. The upper and lower field have green crosses in white fields. The crosses, known as " flory or fleury " are also present in the symbols of Coamo , because of the relationship between both towns. Two bells lie in the middle field, also a representation of the name of "Adjuntas".

    Two coffee branches surround the coat of arms, representing Adjuntas location and its importance in the coffee industry of the island.

    The castle at the top represents the title of village given to Adjuntas by Spain in The flag of Adjuntas has similar symbolisms. A white diagonal stripe divides the flag in two triangles. The upper one is purple, while the lower one is green. In the middle of each triangle lies a white "cross fleury".