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He said, "I don't know anything else. I'm sure he was right. This was true in my case. My two sisters graduated at Millikin, a liberal arts college. But both of them taught. I went up to the University of Illinois and they evaluated my credits from Carbondale. And I had to take only one course at Illinois in the field of professional education to qualify for certificate. And I took one course, one three hour course. And that's all the professional education I had except when I got on the campus at Carbondale.

And I'm sure that my career, my commitment was fully developed there. I had one other thing. And this was the possibility of church work. And the church was very important to us. Maybe more to me than my brothers and sisters. I became very active in the young people's Christian endeavor society, in the choir. I was active in what we then called the student volunteer movement, which was a kind of precursor of the Peace Corps, almost.

It was an idea that young people ought to commit themselves to some kind of full time foreign Christian service. For goodness sakes. And in after having finished my two years at Carbondale, I went to the convention of the student volunteer movement at Des Moines, Iowa. And I came back and spoke on this at several churches.

But it was not for me to be a missionary, although it ran through my mind. But it was a commitment to me to the religious life and to seek to use religious influence to the betterment of mankind. This was very important to me, and it was important to me when I went up to the University of Illinois. And I affiliated myself with the McKinley Foundation and became a board member of that foundation and occupied the pulpit of that church a couple of Sundays when our minister was gone, and I was sent as a delegate to Presbyterian meetings in other cities to speak on the student work there.

And this continued throughout my life, a commitment to church work. I became very active in the Presbyterian Church here. During the years after you came to Normal here and were on the faculty, and at the same time for a number of those years you were actively engaged in state service of one sort or another, did you manage to keep your teaching activities going at the same time all the way through, or were you so heavily engaged in some of these service periods for the state that you had to take leave of your teaching duties?

Browne 11 A. I took leave twice. Once in and once in But mostly I just doubled up on my assignments.

I would perhaps give up teaching the summer session and put in full-time on the state assignment but mostly I tried to carry on; these were part-time things, research projects, except the Legislative Council for full-time. That's when I took leave of absence first and then I took leave of absence the second time when I was with the School Problems Commission.

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I took a year off then. But mostly I kept up my teaching.

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I want to come back to Southern a little bit, though. When I was fourteen I was already one year in high school. I had accelerated in the grades a grade. And I wasn't working up to my capacity and I didn't realize it until my brother, Bob, next to the oldest boy in the family, took me up in the attic one day and read me the riot act.

He said, "You're goofing off. It wasn't common then. But that's what he meant. He said, "I want you to get busy. I want you to take music lessons, start playing in the band and orchestra. I want you to finish high school in three years. Stop fooling around with a normal load when you could carry a heavy one. I want you to start reading literature on your own other than your school work. What a remarkable young man he was. So I became first a trumpet player and then a french horn player.

And I played in the high school and then the university band, and also the band at the University of Illinois.

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  • I did accelerate my high school so that I finished high school and the two-year college course at the same time, just before my eighteenth birthday. And I went out and got a job. First carrying papers and then working after school in a music store downtown selling sheet music and records and helping with the cleaning up of the pianos and moving of the phonographs and whatnot. This was in Carbondale?

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    In Carbondale. My employer was a great man and a devoted Presbyterian and very close to our family. And he gave me wonderful treatment. I got paid fifteen cents an hour and I worked every afternoon from two thirty until six. I worked thirteen hours on Saturday. I worked from seven till twelve, one to six, and seven till ten on Saturdays.

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    And in the summertime I worked full time. When I finished the two-year course at Southern, he asked me if I would consider staying out of school a year and working for him full-time.

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    And I thought I was pretty young to go to college and I didn't have quite enough money anyway. I was on my own financially, except my family didn't ask me to pay room and board. But I was buying my clothes with my spending money. I had been for several years. So I accepted. And I started working for him for twenty dollars a week but along in the autumn of that year he said, "I'm going to open a branch store down in Anna, twenty miles away. And I want you to go down and take charge of it. Browne 12 Q. You were what age then? I was eighteen. He said, "Now I'm going to raise you to thirty dollars a week if you'll do that.

    And I'll buy your railroad ticket to go down Monday morning and come back Saturday. There's a cot there and there's a little bath and I'll buy your meal ticket at Casper's Restaurant down the street.