Never Alone - A True Story

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Why Does it Happen?

They are fun stories, which enable children to develop their imaginations. We decided that it would be much more fun if we gave more freedom to the child, to participate in fairy tales and even give their personal answers to the questions. And so it happened, as did the whole interactive story. To move from one part to another or a different place in the story, the child has to interact with the character who is talking or take action of some sort.

Thus, we secretly teach our children to make their own decisions in life and not just wait for things to happen, but to make them happen for themselves! In this game, everything the characters say is also written in a text dialog balloon that pops up from the corresponding character, and in a special panel of the story guide —The Lady Bugster, where they read the rules of the game. We did this to allow children with impaired hearing to also make the most of the game. And we decided to merge it with the comic book style of speech those dialog bubbles as an addition to the illustrations of the story and the result is stunning.

At the same time, our goal was to make a wonderfully painted cheerful story to present to children, of the highest possible quality, aiming to have detailed scenery and characters which are very much alive! They all move and can be moved around the screen, and they react differently when moved to different places.

What Are Days and Nights Like on the Moon?

Everything in this tale squirms and wiggles and can be dragged across the screen or played with. We just remembered and created a game that would have appealed to us, as children! This also make the child not just a static observer, but an active participant, as it track the story, playing different types of games, each and every time discovering something new. And most importantly - the fairy tale breaks the stereotypes about "what things are" and gives new perspectives and a complete freedom of imagination.

You can, for example, see a space-faring flying tea set, rushing to get to school - completely normal in this tale.

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Games in this story are of many and different types, so that they develop different qualities in children. In the first scene, the Lady Bugster shows the player what the game is and how to play it. Who can! Two games of observation and imagination. The Fairy Dreamlight will show children the most fabulous time!

Moon-Lit Yoga

But the goal is for the child to sort the mess of numbers and return them to their right places on the watch. And then they have to turn the arms of the watch to 10 different times given to them by the Lady Bugster.

If the child needs it, there are hints and tips to help them along! The postman delivers a letter to the witch Starla - there are several games which exercise observational powers. This game requires a bit more expertise and is for children from years old and up! In this part a strange alien language is being spoken, combined with a series of logic games in which a child must decode the alien speech. Finally, the player should write the missing words in the foreign language translation machines.

In this part, an adult or older child can help the player if they are having trouble. One of the main ideas of our tale is that parents will play with their children!

In any case, though, we have put tips here too. Meet Thelma More. It is not accidental she is named like this!

She is so curious that she constantly asks questions of everything around her, always eager to know more! Well, thankfully she has a good and calm grandmother who is armed not only with patience, but also with a big old book that knows the answers to all the questions of her curious granddaughter. This is the book "This and That". Whether you are looking forward to the holidays, new year, or any other event, try our Countdown App. Available for Android and iOS.

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