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Picard must fight through this confusion to make his crews trust each other and save humanity this theme of trust and faith seems to be something that they are going to revisit in the upcoming CBS Star Trek: Picard series. Taking the chance to look both forward and backward was the perfect conclusion for the show.

It encouraged the audience to appreciate the present, treasure the past good times, and anticipate all that was left to come.

Another series was on the horizon Star Trek: Voyager started airing in , and the cast of the Enterprise-D would star in three feature films after Generations. Rather than rallying all troops and launching a final assault on the Q Continuum, Picard saves the day through a moment of pure enlightenment, deeming the human race worthy. Despite the animosity that had festered between Picard and Q throughout the show, at the end of the finale they seem to express a mutual, if begrudging, respect for each other. The trial never ends. We wanted to see if you had the ability to expand your mind and your horizons, and for one brief moment, you did.

For that one fraction of a second, you were open to options you had never considered.

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I mean, this was not going to be that kind of movie. This was not going to be a definitive movie about autism. In fact, the word autism isn't even mentioned throughout the movie.

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But at the same time, it's really being very much embraced by people in the autism community, who seem to identify with the character. But there was no intention to make a definitive statement.

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Everybody has a refuge, especially when they're kids. I know for me, it was actually Star Trek. Do you think that's something that everybody can relate to, and did you have something that you escaped to as a kid, to kind of get away from the real life problems? Yeah, of course. I mean, I suppose as a kid, I developed a rich fantasy world of my own.

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It wasn't Star Trek. My childhood was pre- Star Trek , but I think I started writing stories at a young age, probably when I was about 11, and you know, for me in many ways, the function of writing and storytelling is still an escape from reality. So I still think probably much as I did as a child, you know: let's go somewhere which is more fun to be than the real world. How deeply did you discuss the character with Dakota, and do you know how much research she did? It's a very interesting question, and you know, I like to work with an actor on the basis of them owning the character, and not just doing what I say.

I'm not a puppeteer as a director. I think that the most critical choice is who is going to play the role. And of course, Dakota did a substantial amount of research, simply by engaging with people who had autism of different sorts, and I think the realization she had was that there's no commonality. There's no point in trying to say, "Well, this is what it's like. I think that she very bravely, really just went into it with an organic sense of what it was like, after meeting people with autism and having some sense of the challenges of communication and isolation.

That sense of isolation, I suppose, was the thing that she found in common. But I did not interfere very much at all with her take on the character, her performance. It was really, you know, our working relationship was "A little less, little more," but she always got it right first time.

There was a confidence about what she was expressing. Knowing what I know about Patton Oswalt, I suspect he came on the set knowing how to speak Klingon already. It seems that Paramount was okay with you using Star Trek and shooting on the lot a bit. It seems they were.

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I mean, I didn't have any director connection with Paramount. But my goodness, it's a totally positive spin on the influence of Star Trek. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilisations; to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Whose continuing mission? And whoever came along for the ride was mostly incidental. I got nervous whenever something went wrong with the dilithium crystals. Sure, I had the utmost faith in Geordi to fix whatever the problem was, but it still gave me the jitters. And auto-destruct had me leaping out of my seat in the way that I imagine the rest of the world does when their favourite sports-ball team is about to be vanquished. I was a teenage girl, living in fear of a warp core breach.

It was a trying time. I often wondered how the outside of the Enterprise managed to stay so shiny. Not that I was complaining. Did they have window cleaners?

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Did they send Wesley out with a squeegee when he got too annoying? The curvaceous corridors, the tempting Jefferies tubes, the enigmas of engineering. Each time a new location was revealed I was in my element.