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Modelling and Computation of Turbulent Flows has been written by one of the most prolific authors in the field of CFD. Professor of aerodynamics at SUPAERO .

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Jun 3, Jul 25, 28, 3, Cardiff, Wales. Le bump! Sjoerd Sergeant Jun 3, Jul 20, 4, 0 2, Lelystad, The Netherlands. One of my very first posts on here was in this thread It's on page 3. I noticed! What avatar did you have then? Someone thought it was very good. The great A'Tuin. May 8, 1, 0 2, 22 Sunnydale Highschool. That pic of The Great A'Tuin has been my desktop for the last 2 years. Ah, now I remember! DaveC Sergeant Jun 4, Jul 7, 3, 1 2, Portishead, UK davecfilmgeek.

Tonyblack said:. ChristianBecker Sergeant Jun 4, Apr 26, 4, 0 2, 37 Bingen www. We have a thread of desktop screenshots at the Gentoo forums.

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ChristianBecker said:. Anilori Lance-Corporal Jun 4, Oct 10, 0 2, In Hades, with the frogs www. Cheery said:. Il est morte. Means "He is dead". Doesn't just "Mort" mean death? That would be a bit of a problem in the french edition. Teppic Lance-Corporal Jun 4, Jan 29, 3 2, 35 Outskirts of Londinium. Anilori said:.

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Cheery Littlebottom - Hilare Petitcul. Anilori Lance-Corporal Jun 5, But it turns out 'vimaire' is a dialectal word, meaning 'something of great strength'.

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A wheelbase of inches - about 12 inches longer than a CTS sedan - provides generous space. Luxurious seats are bisected by a "floating" center console that runs from the instrument panel to the rear of the interior. It effectively creates a very personal space for each passenger and houses access to hidden connectivity portals for each person in the vehicle - allowing them to make dinner reservations, check the weather at their destination or even upload photos of the trip via social media sights.

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Simplicity is also the watchword with the Ciel's instrument panel, which features a minimalist gauge cluster that doesn't impede or distract from the outward view. But while reserved in its form, it exemplifies Cadillac's attention to details and its priority on authentic materials. The climate vents, for example, are mostly hidden and their airflow is distributed indirectly. Transparent gauges deliver their information within a detailed, brushed-aluminum housing that has the intricate depth of a high-quality chronograph. They offer dual readouts - analog and digital - as well as an information hierarchy.

Sloping bolsters on the seats that allow passengers to slide into the seats more comfortably A personal device storage area on the front of the console with inductive charging and Bluetooth connectivity A power-assisted transmission shifter that deploys as soon as the engine is started Lighting in the armrests that combines a natural light well for daytime driving and ambient lighting for nighttime drives Door storage areas that are inspired by premium fashion accessories and open with high-quality zippers Pull-out blankets are available for all three passengers and retract automatically All the seats have heating and cooling features, along with a drawer containing sun lotion, sun glasses and towels, as well as aromatherapy that is controlled from the rear armrest.

But perhaps the defining element of the Ciel's cabin is the incorporation of Italian Olive wood on the doors, instrument panel, console and the front seatbacks, adding warmth and craftsmanship to a car designed to provoke an emotional response. Italian Olive wood is a premium yet sustainable material and the material used in the Ciel came from a single fallen and recycled tree, from a west coast producer of premium olive oil. It was painstakingly prepared, including drying in a kiln, before it was cut for the concept vehicle. The numerous pieces were then photographed so that the grain could be matched precisely.

Each component was hand-milled and finished by expert woodworking craftsmen.

The rear seating area is detailed with elegant flourishes. The rear seat passengers can pull a leather tab, which reveals a cashmere blanket that stretches across the seating area to ward off a chill. Les oiseaux s'envolent dans le sud en hiver. Birds fly south in the winter. Are you ready? The children wait for the bus in front of the store. Oscar est dehors. Oscar is outside. On est parent avec Monsieur Babineaux. We are related to Mr. I went to the dance last night.

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I don't like to be late. Pierre worked with them for 20 years. They can't understand French. Both the 3rd person singular and 3rd person plural forms are heard. I smelled the egg to see if it was rotten. The weather is The weather is hot.

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Il fait beau. The weather is nice.


It's sunny. Dans le vieux temps le monde avait l'habitude de faire maigre tous les vendredis. I think they're going to get engaged at Christmas. Variants: fin-fi-fond; fin-si-fond. He fell three times from his horse, but each time he got on again. I was already out of babyhood, of the age of reason, when my mother died. How old was he [in speaking of a young child]? Les contes de loup-garou me donnent des frissons. Werewolf tales give me the chills. Variant spelling: fromille. Variant: fourmi.